Medical Physics and Technical Team manager University Hospital Saint-Luc

10 Apr 2017
Frederik Vanhoutte


Medical Physics and Technical Team manager (m/f)
For the Radiotherapy and Oncology Department

Open-ended contract – full time



You manage the physics-technical team of the Radiotherapy and Oncology Department at University Hospital Saint-Luc in consultation with the head of the Radiotherapy and
Oncology Department, with links to the rest of the multidisciplinary team.

  1. You organize and manage the physics-technical team, consisting of twelve people (medical physicists, dosimetrists, engineers, bio technicians, computer specialists, medical physicist in training):
    - You ensure the team’s activities are properly scheduled (at University Hospital Saint-Luc, at the Ottignies site and at the proton therapy unit at UZLeuven
    - You create the necessary conditions to allow your co-workers to develop their skills, while ensuring a good working relationship within your team
    - You lead your team in development and innovation projects
  2. You participate in the work of the physics-technical team of the Radiotherapy and Oncology Department and ensure it is carried out to the highest standard, including:
    - Dosimetry with regard to patients and equipment
    - Proper compliance with the equipment quality assurance program within a context of continuous improvement
    - Acquisition of new equipment
    - Compliance with the legal stipulations with regard to patient radioprotection
    - Proper functioning of the specific IT systems at the Radiotherapy Department
  3.  You see to the development and integration of new radiotherapy techniques at University Hospital Saint-Luc
  4. You maintain close working relationships with the Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy and Oncology research unit (MIRO) at UCL
  5. You are involved in national and international professional and scientific associations and work to improve perceptions of medical physics in the outside world


  • You hold a university degree in medical physics
  • You are registered as a medical physicist in radiotherapy
  • A PhD in a field of medical physics is a plus, as well as publications and active participation in national or international working groups in the field of radiotherapy
  • You have demonstrable experience in team management and project management with good outcomes
  • You have several years of experience as a registered medical physicist in radiotherapy
  • You are fluent in French, English and Dutch
  • You have good people management and project management skills
  • Your strategic vision enables you to acquire a good general understanding of situations and issues
  • You are oriented to learning, development, innovation and training
  • You have a collective and collaborative mind-set


The general mission of the Department is to provide care to cancer patients in the most human and best technical conditions in a university environment oriented to research,
development and teaching.

The technical equipment (on two sites) consists of two Elekta linear accelerators, two Tomotherapy machines and a dedicated CT simulator. Prostate brachytherapy (LDR, I-125) is carried out at two sites. Ophthalmic brachytherapy (I-25 plaques) is only carried out at Saint-Luc.

Current TPS are: CMS, Monaco, Tomotherapy and RayStation, which is currently being implemented. Mosaiq (Elekta) is the oncology information system (OIS) used to manage accelerator treatments.


A challenging full time appointment in a dynamic team
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