International planning study - ProKnow / 2017 QADS TG244 H&N Plan Study

15 Nov 2016
Akos Gulyban

The ProKnow team is proud to announce the launch of our second international public plan study!

This study is unique in that we will officially analyze both: 1) plan quality, measured using the advanced scoring method of PlanIQ, and 2) TPS and delivery accuracy, tallied by collecting pre-treatment dose QA metrics. Results will highlight high performances in each category and allow you to benchmark your own results against the population for all metrics. As always, we will record video interviews with high performers to help reveal "best practices" which we will share with everyone via the ProKnow website.

Deadline to submit your final plan (RTDOSE and RTPLAN) is 16th December 2017.

In case interested, please register at their website, download the instruction and the dataset (CT + RTSTRUCT), import it to your TPS. 

Planning objectives are provided with corresponding scorings. The website allows you to upload your recent plan and evaluate the scoring without making a formal submission, thus it can show in which metrics you might able to gain the most to improve your results.

Good luck with this nice excercise.

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