QC recommendations nuclear medicine - online on FANC website

13 Mar 2012
Tom Clarijs

Dear colleagues,

As previously announced; the QC recommendations for the activity meter, gamma-camera (SPECT), and PET are available on the website of the Agency. See homepage FANC > profile Nuclear Medicine > medical physics expert > more.

Direct links:

--> NL http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=2&ID=3046
--> FR http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=1&ID=3047
- PET:
--> NL http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=2&ID=3049
--> FR http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=1&ID=3045
- dose calibrator:
--> NL http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=2&ID=3048
--> FR http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=1&ID=3050

background information:
--> NL http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=2&ID=3043
--> FR http://fanc.fgov.be/CWS/GED/pop_View.aspx?LG=1&ID=3044

Kind regards,