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PEO Radiation Technology BVBA
Vrijheid 199
B-2320 Hoogstraten

Your partner in Radiotherapy, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.  
We offer effective solutions for Dosimetry, QA and QC + related data management.
Consumables such as Gafchromic film and fiducial markers are also available.

PEO is the exclusive representative for the following  manufacturers:  

                 - tissue simulation 
                 - medical imaging phantom technology

 Fluke Biomedical RMS
                 - medical imaging QA solutions
                 - radiation safety

 Gold Anchor
                 - fine needle gold markers

 Heider AG
                 - classic gold markers

                 - software solutions QA / QC tests in CT
                 - MR and NM imaging systems

         ISP Gafchromic
                 - self-developing films for:
                            - radiochromatic dosimetry films
                            - diagnostic and radiology films
                 - FilmQA Pro evaluation software (new)

 Standard Imaging
Radiation QA solutions in:
                 - dosimetry
                 - brachytherapy
                 - IMRT
                 - IGRT
                 - stereotactic radiosurgery

 Sun Nuclear
QA and dosimetry tools and systems for use in radiotherapy departments such as:
                 - 1D & 3D water phantoms
                 - 2D & 3D arrays (ArcCHECK)
                 - Software solutions
                 - and more...

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